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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 5, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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gosh, i don't feel like that anymore. you know? i don't feel that anymore but she does and i get that feeling. and the second was, she is supposed to be here. >> reporter: in her talk she presented her scientific research which she said shows that people who strike a two-minute power pose before a stressful situation feel more confident and are more willing to take risks and even have positive hormonal changes. >> before you go into the next stressful evaluative situation, for two minutes try doing this. in the elevator, in a bathroom stall. >> reporter: now culty's science is under attack. writing on the website slate, two researchers call her study steve spurrier yus and say when other scientists tried to replicate her experiment they found no effect. >> have there been moments during this back and forth where you've needed a power pose? >> yeah, yeah, of course. >> reporter: in an interview on my new podcast called 10% happier culty pointed out while
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her critics are citing, didn't show hormonal changes after power poses they did report feeling more powerful. she says there need to be more studies. >> i think the worst part is i care so much about the people who are affected by this kind of work, meaning the people who i meet who say, look, changing my awareness of my body has helped me in this way. i don't want to give up on something because a study didn't replicate it. >> reporter: to fight the controversy, custodykuddy canneds by her science and recommends two minutes in a power pose may change your mindset and improve your results. if you want to see more of my interview, check out the 10% happier podcast on or apple podcast, search for 10% happier. thanks for watching "nightline." tune into gma first thing in the morning. as always we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page and at
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an attempted carjacking ending with a deadly crash. moments ago new york police say they've caught the driver and he's been charged. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. first, the wild weather and frigid cold. dramatic video shows how powerful those winds were over the last 48 hours. the winds sent a tree crashing down in to traffic in new jersey. >> those winter-like conditions not over yet. parts of our area now under a freeze warning. how's your april going so far? meteorologist lee goldberg at the weather wall tracking it all. >> our forecast low tonight is 27. that's pretty significant. this is the first 20-degree
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coldest since 1995. it's 14 degrees below average and this is the average low in the first few days of february. that's why we have the freeze warnings out. cameras bouncing, wind continues to pick up out of the north. it feels like 25. we're below freezing across the hudson valley, connecticut and long island. mid 30s in brick and toms river. earlier in the day you were in the mid and upper 60s. the feels like readings are already starting to drop in to the teens and the air is pouring down the hudson valley where it's in the north toward the 20s and teens. a couple flurries in the catskills. it's a february feel tomorrow morning. wake-up wind chills are in the teens, even single digits well north and west. watch out for patchy black ice especially where we've got the snow well north of new york city. tomorrow afternoon 40 feels like 20s for the most part and we
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i'll tell you when and if we warm up. forecast for the yanks and the mets down the road. your 7-day accuweather forecast in a few minutes. breaking news, police have just charged a man in connection with a deadly hit-and-run in brooklyn. this after a business owner was killed, run over by his own commercial flatbed truck as a thief tried to get away with it. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan is at the police precinct with the breaking details. >> just moments ago police announced the arrest of joshua colon, 24 years old. he's charged with stealing that flatbed truck. but so much more than that. police say he ran over and killed the owner of that truck who tried to stop him. >> reporter: family members held each other tonight, shocked and heart broken by the sudden and violent death. he was run down and killed by the person who stole it.
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we're trying to figure out what happened. >> heartache. shock. pain. as reality hasn't set in for them, phil's not going to be home anymore. >> reporter: he owned an iron works company and when his truck was stolen he tried to chase down the thief at a light. >> he tried to get back in to the truck at which point he ran over him. >> reporter: salvatore and dellegrazia moved from the same town in italy. >> i cared a lot about him and i will miss him. >> reporter: tonight as the family gathered at his home, they were too grief-stricken to talk with reporters. neighbors, though, knew him well. >> social butterfly. spoke with everybody. neighbors out, chitchat. chitchat. anything i could do for you. anything you want.
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>> that's sally, the next door neighbor. her husband died in 2011. she says every day afterwards for weeks dellegrazia was at her house, offering to help, offering to fix things in the house, making sure she was okay. again, 24-year-old joshua colon now charged with his murder. jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. another gun found on the campus of a new york city public school, this time it's a loaded gun. tonight three young boys are under arrest. the third time in the past three weeks a gun has been found in a school occupied by teenagers. it happened this time at the robert f kennedy school in manhattan's upper east side. josh einiger near the scene with the latest. >> police at the 19th precinct have been interrogating the students for hours. any minute now we're expecting they'll drive them out of here as they begin the lengthy legal battle.
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after allegedly smuggling a loaded .22 in to a school full of kids. >> reporter: tonight police spent hours questioning the three young students, one just 13 years old. what were they doing with a loaded gun in school? >> i didn't expect at this age in the middle of school day. >> that's really scary. too many guns around. >> reporter: parents picking up their kids couldn't believe their ears. it was just after lunchtime at robert f. kennedy school. cops say a 13-year-old boy threatened a female student with a .22 caliber revolver. she told the administrator who called police. they arrived to find the loaded gun in possession of another teen. yet another student allegedly holding a box of bullets. >> we're finding a lot of 13-year-olds are bringing weapons to schools. >> reporter: gregory floyd runs the union representing nypd school security officers and
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on the rise. and three of the last four have been at schools like this one with no metal detectors. >> we've been fortunate that we haven't had brutality, we haven't had anybody injured, shot in these schools. it just shows there's a need for metal detectors, not a need to decrease metal detectors. >> reporter: this incident is deeply alarming, the department of education said in a statement. nothing is more important than the safety of all students and staff. and there's zero tolerance for weapons of any kind. >> and again, these three teens have now been formally charged in this case, at least two of them with criminal possession of a weapon. that's a felony. they should be leaving the precinct station house in the next few minutes. it's not clear what they were doing with that gun or where they got it. live at the 19th precinct on the upper east side, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. a teenager in westchester county charged with murder
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iona college student. 18-year-old brandon lawrence was shot and killed early sunday morning at lincoln park in new rochelle. police say he was hit by a bullet intended for somebody else. lawrence was found bleeding on the ground in the park's baseball field. rescuers tried to save him but he die said -- but he died at the scene. >> i loved my son. i loved him dearly. and he was killed so senselessly. senselessly. he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> 19-year-old stevenson desear is charged with second degree murder. police say he was fighting with another person, not the victim. now to vote 2016. it's been decades since a new york primary election meant much politically speaking but it likely will this year. tonight confirmation that the two democratic candidates for president understand that. hillary clinton and bernie sanders say they'll debate in new york city on april 14th. meanwhile tonight, primary election eve in wisconsin. sanders and republican frontrunner donald trump holding rallies across the street from
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both expected to do well there tomorrow. a rare and brief appearance by trump's wife, melania, after a week of trump getting blasted for his views on women. texas senator ted cruz was nearby in a suburb of milwaukee. cruz trails trump by more than 250 delegates in total. the winner in wisconsin will take most of that state's 42 delegates. and two candidates who don't expect to do well in wisconsin tomorrow tonight are in new york. ohio governor john kasich taking questions at a town hall forum. kasich with only one state victory so far, his home state of ohio, insisting trump will not win the republican nomination on the first ballot. clinton in the area tonight introduced by senator kirsten gillibrand. she was at the javits center with governor cuomo as he signed a bill to bring the state minimum wage up to $15 an hour. investigators have recorders from the train that crashed in to equipment on the tracks
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per hour yesterday when it philadelphia. officials say the track workers, quote, made a mistake and were on the wrong track. a site seeing tour takes a deadly turn. five people are dead tonight after a helicopter crashed in to the smoky mountains. surveillance video shows smoke from the crash on the left of your screen seconds after the helicopter went down this afternoon in eastern tennessee. chopper burst in to flames on impact, engulfing a hillside. the faa is now on the scene. a dad and his teenaged son from our area having to make a split second decision to help save a life. they were driving home last night in tenafly, new jersey when they saw debris from a crash and a burning suv. someone had lost control. they tried to pull the driver out but she was trapped. >> anybody with any kind of a heart or conscious is going to go and try to do whatever they
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>> two tenafly police officers arrived, cut the seatbelt and pulled the woman to safety. she's now in serious injuries. new at 11:00, a bar owner attacked as his assailants yelled homophobic slurs. tonight he speaks to eyewitness news. >> dramatic moments when officers charged in to a i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24.
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for $89.99 per month. and now get a $300 reward card. they hurled antigay slurs. one threw an egg. tonight cops want to track down the teens responsible. the assault which is now being investigated as a possible hate crime happened saturday on 10th avenue. here's eyewitness news reporter lucy yang. >> reporter: what began with a birthday toast at this bar on 10th avenue ended with a chase and homophobic slurs. >> called me homo. >> reporter: early saturday evening at the hardware bar, a known gay bar. the owner, eric einstein, was
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when an egg was thrown. >> out of the corner of my eye, i saw something come toward me and hit me right here on the jaw. i thought it was maybe a full bottle of water or something not fully solid, but heavy. >> reporter: eric saw three teenaged boys staring at him then take off. he gave chase and caught up with this one. >> that's pretty horrible because hell's kitchen is as you know very gentrified now and i have a lot of gay friends and that shouldn't be happening anywhere. >> reporter: seconds later the kids' two friends circled back when there was three against one. eric let go of the teenager and called police. we blurred the photo in case the boy is a minor. police have a clear image of his face and are now treating this as aggravated harassment. and as a possible bias incident. in hell's kitchen, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. a new round of common core
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the tests revamped and while critics remain, some of the controversy apparently is now gone. why? chancellor of the new york city schools telling us about the big changes. >> there are less questions. there's more sitting time. there's no time testing which means that if students want take longer, they can. also we sent teachers to albany and not only from the city but from around the state to help review the test. we don't have anymore mandatory holdover based on kids' results. >> the english and math assessment tests have been shortened. both will be given over the next three days. still no deal in sight to rescue atlantic city from financial ruin as a government shutdown looms. governor christie wants them to take over the finances. he directed his educational commissioner to sue the city to keep it from making a payroll payment on friday. christie says the city must pay
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scheduled to shut down later this week. now to an arrest tonight in the robbery and shooting of knicks forward, cleanthony early. dowelling was arrested last week on an unrelated charges. he was allegedly part of a group of gunmen who robbed early in december outside of a strip club in queens. police say they stole his jewelry and cell phones before one of the suspects shot early in the leg. the gunman is still on the loose. new at 11:00, a raging school bus fire onboard. students on the way to the zoo. it happened in oklahoma city. the driver pulling over on the interstate after he heard some kind of popping sound. it turned out to be the engine catching fire. bus. fortunately nobody was hurt. caught on camera, a police officer in chattanooga, tennessee rescuing a man from a burning apartment.
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you awake? come on. let's get out. >> the officer pulled the man out in to the hall. he was okay. he said he had put something on the stove then fell asleep. >> it sounded like a smoke alarm him up. today. we've got really cold temperatures tonight. >> like the movie groundhog day. you can't get out of february 2nd. really cold out there. outside tonight, wind is whipping. this is a picture from poughkeepsie earlier in the day with 4 to 5 inches of snow. a huge range across the area. you also had 60s at least through mid-day. parts of ocean county were all cold. it's cold on the streets of manhattan. on the left-hand side of your screen, you see the blossoms blowing in the cold wind. 73% humidity. the wind is gusting up to 20. gusts over 30 tomorrow. the barometer is on the rise.
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that's 12 below average. rainfall about .6, a few inches well to the north of snow. there are your sunrise and sunset times. very chilly but at least it's a sunny tuesday. look at the range. 35-degree range from poughkeepsie to toms river. it was in the 40s across long island, new york city. right now we've all cooled off. we're in the 20s, lower 30s in many spots and mid 30s in monmouth and ocean county. these wind chills are starting to drop in to the teens and that's where they'll be tomorrow morning. teens, single digits off to the north and west. 7 in monticello. 15 in bridgeport. 16, islip. 17 in belmar. 17 in newark. sunshine won't be the problem tomorrow. we'll have partly to mostly sunny skies. a gusty wind out of the northwest. probably peaking during the morning then backing off in the afternoon hours. high of 40 will only feel like 25 to 45 during the afternoon hours. showers are beginning to move offshore here. we still have clouds around. cold arctic high pressure building in from the great lakes
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move, then there might be leftover cloudiness along the coastline early tomorrow morning. you see what's happening with these temperatures upstate. actual numbers about to drop below 20. that's coming down the hudson river valley. that's why we could be very chilly tonight. wouldn't be surprised if we go down to 25. these are the projected wake-up temperatures. teens and upper 20s. few patchy clouds along the coast. those clouds will retreat in to the atlantic. your highs tomorrow struggling in many places to get to the 40-degree mark. the wind chills during the afternoon hours will generally be in the upper 20s and lower 30s at best. that's despite the strong april sunshine. yankees definitely going to play tomorrow, but if you're fortunate enough to have tickets, layer up. big yankee jacket, hat, scarf, gloves. 37. sun will be nice. if you're in the shady seats it's going to feel really cold with a north northwest wind at 14 to 20 miles per hour. actually frigid for april or even a february or march day. wind chills in the teens to start the day at 27. up to 41. brisk and cold despite all that sunshine out there.
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off and we drop below freezing again. another hard freeze in april. i've covered the plants and gardens if you've already put things out. wednesday after a cold start, a little better in the afternoon. mid and upper 40s with sun mixing with clouds. thursday looks like a rainy day. could even be a thunderstorm later in the day. we may make a run at 60 degrees but it's damp. then on friday, a lot of you met fans have been reaching in. met fans have been asking about that home opener. 45 degrees. i do think there could be a couple showers around but they'll play. it looks like a light shower situation. 45. and a breeze about 8 to 18. so probably feeling like upper 30s to around 40. that will usher in cold air again. friday night goes down to freezing and we're only in the 40s over the weekend. we bounce back a little bit next week but looks like we're going to have waves of cold for the first two to three weeks of april then spring sets in. certainly paying a little bit of a price for the warm winter. >> missing march. coming up next, try to keep women safe when they ride in car services.
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new at 11:00, a popular food snack and it could be tainted with pieces of glass. the manufacturer recalling the emerald brand 100-calorie packs of cashew halves and pieces. company says small glass pieces might be among the salted and roasted cashews. find out whether your snacks are affected. check out the production code on the package. we have the affected codes on abc7ny. new at 11:00, a controversial new ridesharing service for females only. chariot for women is an uber-like service but it only hires female drivers and will only pick up women or boys 13 and under. it's intended to help female passengers feel safe but the
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sexist and discriminatory. chariot for women launches nationwide april 19th. >> that's the new york state primary as well. rob powers up next with sports. >> a big night for a lot of reasons. yankees waited six months to get the baseball season started. they can wait one more day. mother nature gets the win at the season opener. game one postponed by rain. we'll see how the yankees plan to get ready all over again.
1:32 am
yankees wanted to get things started but mother nature had a different plan. >> so we try again tomorrow. shut out on day number one. the yankees season opener postponed by the weather. it was nasty in the bronx. they made the call early today. they'll try to get it in tomorrow. yankees and astros get it going at 1:05, a rematch of the american league wildcard game won by the astros last year. keuchel against tanaka. they come north, get rained out, tomorrow. through. we do not play in controlled conditions. we don't play inside.
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happen but you look forward to it. you build up to it and you hope you get to play it but we've got to wait a day. wind chills in to the teens for the red sox-indians game. rain, a little snow. that one was postponed until tomorrow as well. still be about 34 degrees at game time. it's supposed to be better so they try again tomorrow afternoon. in kansas city. noah syndergaard threw the pitch to start game 3 of the world series against the royals. said if the royals had a problem with it, they could meet me 60 feet 6 inches away. they do meet again tomorrow. that should be interesting to say the least. nationals played the braves today. bryce harper hit a home run. that's four opening day homers in harper's daniel murphy knocked one out of the ballpark. he walked twice and he doubles home the go-ahead run in the
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4-3 nats beat the braves in 10. let's get to the nhl. the rangers with another chance to clinch a playoff spot tonight. their third chance, in fact. couldn't cash in the previous two. at columbus, a win and they're in. ranger captain ryan mcdonagh blocks a 1st period shot with his hand. not long after he was out for the game. matt zuccarello, nice looking goal. blue jackets make it a one goel game goel -- a one-goal period again. they're headed to the playoffs. 4-2 the final score tonight. they secure a sixth straight trip to the playoffs. also battling in this final week of the regular season, the islanders at home against tampa bay. matt martin, 2nd period for a 2-1 aisles john tavares scored his 30th goal of the season. he assisted on two others. big win for the islanders. 5-2. 10-2-1 at home since the all
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in on the playoffs. college basketball's men's championship being decided tonight. north carolina, villanova. two schools left standing. villanova hit a buzzer-beater 3-pointer. they just won. villanova the national champions. the women play tomorrow. it's uconn against syracuse. tonight it's nova for the national championship. word today of who's been elected to the basketball hall of fame. allen iverson, shaquille o'neal, tom izzo, cheryl swoopes, yao ming, jerry rheinsdorf.


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